Often when people see or hear the word DJ they instantly think of Deadmau5 or Skrillex. They assume that DJs are always loud and fast paced. This is certainly not the case with DJ Koze who is a prime example of smooth electronic music at its best. In his new album “Amygdala” we take a pleasantly chill ride that is perfect for Sunday morning listening. The album is available now and features appearances by Matthew Dear and one of my favorites, Apparat. When there are no vocals the minimal electronic grooves are sometimes paired with animalistic samples, experimental sounds and electric guitar riffs. There are a few moments in the record where chopped spoken vocals can sound haunting, but they are not overbearing and are certainly not the focus.

As the album progresses we hear the famous Marvin Gaye line, “We’re all sensitive people with so much to give” in the tune, “Das Wort” which features Dirk Von Lowtzow. The ode to classic soul music is reminicient of DJ Krush or The Mushroom Jazz sound that Mark Farina started in San Francisco. The radio friendly song, “Homesick” featuring Ada is a steady mix of lush vocals and thought provoking lyrics. However, the opening tune “Track ID Anyone” is the star of the record. It features Canadian singer Caribou, who doesn’t have to say much to grab your attention with his soft tone that rides the meditative beat perfectly. It was this song that made me want to tune in to the newly released album on Pampa Records.

To continue the hype around “Amygdala,” DJ Koze teamed up with The Fader and released a free 50 minute mix for their Soundcloud page and blog. The mix is just as smooth as his new release with a hip-hop soul twist.