EQ Folder and Everything But The Girl vocalist Tracey Thorn has released remixes of her beautiful electronic song ‘Grand Canyon’ to clubs in Ibiza recently.  Although she has said on her MySpace that there is no official plans yet for a commercial release (note the Ada remix is her new profile song), we are hoping that she chooses to release this song as her next single as it’s our favourite (followed closely by ‘Falling Off A Log’) from her stellar album ‘Out Of The Woods’ that was released awhile back. 

To hear and download the remixes for yourself, here are a couple of links that have been floating around the interweb.  If you haven’t purchased her album or downloaded ‘Grand Canyon’ yet, you really should – it’s an amazing piece of work from one of the most legendary voices in electronica.  We are still waiting and hoping for Tracey to announce some showcase gigs of her new solo material when she returns from holiday…

Tracey Thorn – Grand Canyon Remixes – Grand Canyon (Ada Vocal)

Tracey Thorn – Grand Canyon Remixes – Grand Canyon (King Unique Vocal)