Shura 2

When the beats are mellow and the voice is silken smooth in an instant you are transported to a shangri la of luxuriously opulent soundscapes within an expanse of warming tones and whispery R’n’B topped vocals. If you’d assumed no better, we could be describing the glowing electronic textured melodiousness of much championed break out artist BANKS, but no there is another new name already indulging upon the urban beat side of intelligent and twilight dusky atmospheric pop and that belongs to Shura a London born multifaceted performer of Russian Actress and English Filmmaker parentage.

Drawing upon the electronic temperament of Massive Attack the debut “Touch” is a resounding cohesion of feathery vocals gliding over a gloaming backbeat of enveloping chillwave undulations, which oscillate with an ebb and flow of 80’s retro lucid synths.

If you could reach out and capture the sound a fluffy white cloud might make it would pretty much turn out like this, all billowing, luxuriant and on a higher plane of discerning pop culture.