Hello EQs – Well the time has arrived and needless to say, myself and DJ Adamis are very excited to launch Electroqueer@Barcode tonight.  The stage is set, the guest list is checked and all that’s left now to do is for you to get your asses down to Barcode in Soho tonight from 7pm for a night of fun, frolic and "funky dancing" to some of the hottest pop and electro tunes out at the moment. 

Today I’ve been featured in Boyz Magazine (sharing a page with Temposhark) in a humorous little bit called "My Dream Guest List".  Click here, to see who I would love to show up at Electroqueer@Barcode – a few suprises there.  We are also all over this week’s Boyz and QX magazines for a second week in a row too, so pick up your copies today if you can.  If you’re outside of the UK, you download both Boyz and QX on these links respectively.

See you all tonight EQs!