Hello EQs.  I certainly hope you are all happy, healthy and enjoying life in general.  I’ve been too too busy dealing with the reality that is my day job and taking care of a rotting wall in my bathroom and a kitty cat that likes to vomit for no apparent reason these days that I haven’t had time to catch up on all the lovely new and exciting downloads that are just sitting on my iPod waiting to be listened to.  So last night I decided to take a few listens to some new shizz and all my thoughts are here for you in my ranty rant format…enjoy.

  1. Can you tell I’ve been totally hooked on Gaymonkey recording artists lately?  Melnyk, Sara Berg and Ebb are all ever so amazing (don’t call me Popjustice ok).  I’ve added some of their videos to EQ TV on the right so make sure you check them out.
  2. Sara Berg certainly wins the award for most unusual-yet-somewhat-long title to a new electronic record…it’s called ‘When I Was A Young Child I Used To Feel Pleasure From Playing With Others’…strange isn’t it?  Kinda makes you actually want to listen to it just for it’s strange title and from what we heard so far, it’s electronically delicious.  Sugar Snap!
  3. OK – I won’t go on and on about Roisin Murphy cuz all the other blogs are covering her in sweet bloggy honey, but I have to say I am liking her album ‘Overpowered’ a lot.  Make sure you check out Arjan Writes for all your Roisin Murphy news and a great interview.  Speaking of Arjan, how honoured am I that I got mentioned on his site…he’s such a nice guy and so down-to-earth.  I could talk music with him for hours!
  4. All you kids out there are going to be in for a treat when the new Antigone album finally comes out in March.  It honestly has to be one of the best electronic albums by a female I’ve ever heard.  What we lurve about it is that it’s SO Justin Shave and not the Justin Shaveness you all know from listening to Darren Hayes.  You just have to listen to it peeps (he says with excitement).  We are dying to talk more about it, but we gots some lovely features planned with Miss Antigone coming up so make sure you stay overly excited about it ok!  You should be.
  5. Our last blog comment said this "Hello. I Need Some Help" from someone named Objessecefe.  Um…all I can say back to that is…"Don’t we all honey".  Strangely enough, all those weird blogroll requests have ceased.  I got all bitchy with the last one…I’m bad I know.  Apparently the guy liked my banner, so that was enough reason for us to link up.  Um…yeah…ok.
  6. Acoustic soul crooner James Murray has trouble with some chic named Lucy live at Royal Albert Hall and also has a free download for you here.  James is the cutest thing ever isn’t he?  We might like him even more than Paolo Nutini…or James Morrison or James Blunt
  7. I only linked up the Kylie video to make myself like it.  Still undecided.  But damn, the girl looked fierce at her film premiere of ‘White Diamond’ last night in Leicester Square…she went and got her a J-Lo butt!
  8. You listen to a Timbaland produced song long enough, it grows on you.  I like ‘Nite Runner’ by Duran Duran now.  But I still think they could have did that on their own instead of paying Timbaland and Justin Trousersnake to do it. 
  9. Oh my lord.  Tiffany is back on the Billboard Dance Charts with ‘Higher’.  We told you it was music on the verge first!  It kinda makes me smile to know that EQ is mentioned quite a few times on her website.  My heart just skipped a beat.
  10. And finally here’s a Free Download Alert!  We’ve been chatty with Boston boy Petros lately and he has offered up his new song ‘Body Glow’ to all EQ readers, so go on and download it here.  Oh and here is his new video to it as well.  Petros describes ‘Body Glow’ as "being loud and proud and refusing to suppress yourself" and all the while the song is "thickly coated in sexual innuendo".  Enough said Petros, you got our attention…and might I treat you to a cup of Starbucks and throw some glitter on you too next time I’m in Beantown.  Petros song ‘Utopia’ will definitely be high on our list of top songs for this year (it’s electronic and gorgeous – you must own it) and it’s available to download on iTunes…go give him some MySpazz love ok.