They were placed as potential X-Factor wildcards and got bumped out in favour of Christopher Maloney (Collective – Why?!), hey nothings going to thwart Times Red from making a bid into the pop hall of fame.

To be honest it hasn’t taken Scott, Staz and Luke a mini-minute to dust off their knock down, turn around and set up a tune to debut.

They may have been popping the high-jinx, spilling the beat-boxing and sowing the Urban pop grooves on X-Factor but Times Red have arrived over the X-Factor border with a side twist of Maroon 5 to bolster their pop armoury on their debut single “Just No Good For Me”.

Watch as Scott, Staz and Luke harmonize and get their pop star thang on as they are teased and seduced by some leggy models with a liking for bad apples and hip and happening pop rock songs that create a Script / Maroon 5 like buzz.

Danny, Adam, and now Scott, we see a pattern forming, all dark and strikingly handsome individuals who can sang!  Oh gosh we are pop crushing and flushed x red with a rosy tint to the face as we write up hotter than poker hot emerging talent Times Red.

Somebody send us a pillowcase with Scotts  face emblazoned on it now!