So on Friday night, I got to see Tim Sheff live at The Regal Room in Hammersmith which was a total treat.  There were a plethora of acoustic artists on the line-up, but Tim got to play a pre-show set which was lovely to watch and we can see why the buzz is slowly starting to build up for this very talented man.

Tim’s five song set included the fun and upbeat song called ‘Cry’ in which you could feel the emotion and passion as Tim banged out the beautiful piano melody so perfectly.  I always get slightly jealous watching such talented musicians such as Tim take to the stage and mesmerize the audience so easily.  For it’s a talent that Tim seems completely at ease with and we are really hoping to start seeing his happy face all over billboards soon.

Tim jokingly admitted he was a "lazy American" and didn’t create any special flyers for the night, but if you befriend him on MySpace and send him an email, he’ll burn you a CD straight from his computer.  Now that is an offer you can’t refuse.  Thanks to Brad and his big media machine for alerting EQ about Tim – it’s nice to know about soulful new artists like Tim Sheff, Sylvia Powell, Rueben Butchart and Jacob Golden that are taking traditional real music and making it good again. 

Full update on Popshow coming tomorrow – just wow…