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So when 80s teen sensation and my favourite artist of all time Tiffany announced that her album would be a bit 'more country' than her usual efforts, did I freak out?  No.  You see Tiffany is one of those artists whose voice defies music genres.  She can sing anything.  Her 80's and 90's pop albums are AMAZING.  Her last adult contemporary album "Just Me" was BEAUTIFUL.  Her dance album "Dust Off And Dance" was severely UNDERATED.  Her rock album "The Colour Of Silence" was FULL OF GRACE and that's not me saying that, that's Billboard magazine.  So yeah, to hear that "Rose Tattoo" will have a country flair doesn't surprise me at all.  Tiffany is one of those artists that can record anything and her voice stands at the forefront.  

If Tiffany recorded a polka album, I'd still buy it because well – she will always be the Britney to my Christina and the Janet Jackson to my Paula Abdul.  Tiffany is my DIVA and if I ever met her in person, I'd go all jelly-legged and might faint.  I personally can't wait to listen to "Rose Tattoo".