Well, as long as were talking about NKOTB today, we might as well mention that Tiffany has just released a new "country" version of her iconic international smash hit "I Think Were Alone Now" that she recorded in Nashville – which is surprisingly very refreshing!  Long-time readers of EQ know that I'm a HUGE fan of Tiffany and no matter what she genre she decides to sing – I'll still be a true blue fan until the end.

Tiffany recently released her first full-length country album called "Rose Tattoo" which is quite good.  I'm not a fan of country myself, but I really liked this record and how Tiffany's amazing songwriting and vocals shine through.  OK, I admit, "Rose Tattoo" is actually the ONLY country record I've ever bought.  But when Tiffany actually appeared in Playboy magazine – I bought that too – and ahem, I think that says a lot.  Tiffany is currently on tour with Debbie Gibson too – Oh how I would DIE to be able to go see those concerts in America.  Le sigh.

"I Think Were Alone Now" the Nashville Session is now available on I Think We're Alone Now (The Nashville Sessions) - Single - Tiffany