On Tuesday night, just after we enjoyed a few extra days off for the Easter holidays, London was given an extra special surprise treat to “rock off” a few of those extra chocolate calories when pop culture music icon Tiffany flew into town for a very special and rare intimate live show at The Hipppodrome Casino in central London.

Why was this such a big deal?
Well Tiffany is no stranger to the UK. In fact, she married a Brit and is a regular fixture at loads of regional 80s festivals around the country. But the British capital hasn’t seen a proper Tiffany show for quite some time. She did make an appearance at a Hammersmith school disco club eons ago, but other than that, diehard London fans have been waiting 30 years to witness Tiffany’s comeback to London and show off “that voice” that made her a worldwide phenomenon through her smash hits “Could’ve Been” and the iconic “I Think Were Alone Now”.

And show off that voice she did…

Why is this happening?
Well, outside of being the Tiffany we all know and love, the girl is more than just a one-hit-wonder to her true fans. Her album “The Color Of Silence” was critically-acclaimed by Billboard as being “full of grace” which even landed her on the cover. For fans and Tiffany herself, “The Color Of Silence” was a moment where Tiffany really came into her own as an artist – not just that “kid on a corner” 80s pop star we knew. Her as-yet-untitled tenth studio album will serve as a sequel of sorts to “The Color Of Silence”, perhaps a new chapter, and lucky for us, she chose London as the venue to debut these fantastic new tracks.

Selfie-time with Tiffany

What do we think of the new tracks?
Tiffany’s new songs compliment that magical pop-rock sound that we fell hardcore in love with on “The Color Of Silence” through tracks like “Open My Eyes” and “Butterfly”. These new tracks really expand her diverse catalogue, almost re-inventing herself as a Stevie Nicks for a new generation with the Blondie-inspired “Beautiful” and her “she went THERE” vocal prowess on “King Of Lies”. New ballad “Hey There” really gives us more of that strong, confident, yet vulnerable delivery that puts Tiffany in a world-class vocalist category. Newer tracks “Can’t Stop Falling” and “Right Here” amplify Tiffany’s take on 80’s classic pop-rock hooks while new single “Worlds Away” is a strong rock powerhouse of a track which will hopefully bring Tiffany new fans that perhaps didn’t know about the rocker-chic persona she’s effortlessly emerged into since the days of her being a mall teen queen.

It’s no secret that we are big fans of Tiffany, but with having heard the new tracks live this week, all we can now is – someone please get us this new album ASAP!