I've just got done listening to the Ed Drewett album sampler and from what I've heard just now, 2011 is going to shape up to be really good year for this young musician on-the-rise.  After receiving numerous accolades from bloggers worldwide for his spunky pop taster track and video to "Champagne Lemonade" – it looks like the pop music loving public are ready to hear what's next for Ed Drewett…and what's next is sounding like some rather excellent ear candy that I know all of you are going to immensely enjoy.

The five track sampler which is making the tastemaker rounds right now features four new songs that are mega brilliant.  With "Parallels" we see Ed Drewett commanding the power pop realm with concise control and precision against a pounding dance beat mixed with a haunting piano melody and Ed's soaring brilliant vocals.  With "Vital Signs" giving an obvious nod to electronic 80's – you'll be immediately transported back to the decade when pop was king and melodies were HUGE set to the sound of drum machines and ambitious synths.  As you would expect, this is THE song I'll be going on about next year and playing to death at EQ Live.  With "Better Days" you get to hear the more softer side of Ed Drewett – a classic pop diddy which dips ever-so-slightly into Ed's gorgeous falsetto range.  "Keep Me In Mind" is a feel-good pop banger as well which is mostly about a euphoric state of happiness Ed Drewett feels about a certain young lady that gets his heart aflutter.  

If you were at all worried that Ed Drewett's music would turn out to be urban effort similar to his mate Professor Green, you're wrong.  The Ed Drewett album is going to be a heartfelt and achingly perfect collection of pop tracks.  I can't quite get over how brilliant this five song sampler is.  Expect EMI to put a major effort into promoting Ed Drewett in 2011 and most definitely Ed Drewett is on the EQ hot tip.  I'm quite impressed with what's he's been cooking up in the studio.  I hate to compare him to Frankmusik, but for those of you who love that special brand of electronic-feel-good pop that only some rather adorable brit boys can produce, then Ed Drewett is your new pin up.