Headlock [Immi’s Radio Mix]: Imogen Heap
The third release from Immi’s brilliant album ‘Speak For Yourself’. This is the opening track and by far one of the best as it really showcases her vocal range and flair for dramatic instrumentation. If you haven’t discovered Imogen Heap yet, you really are missing out. We played her album non-stop for a month!

We’re The Pet Shop Boys : Robbie Williams
From his upcoming album ‘Rudebox’. You may have a hard time finding this track as the album isn’t even out yet, but as always, if you look hard enough you will find it. Robbie doesn’t mind anyways if you download his music – he got into big trouble with EMI when he made a comment about downloading in the press! Robbie’s singles don’t sell anyways these days – his album sales and tours is what keeps him a very rich man. About the track – A collaboration with…well, The Pet Shop Boys, about…The Pet Shop Boys. It’s a great electro track and Robbie is definitely taking a leaf from Madonna’s notebook. 80’s inspired-electro is HOT right now.

Wonderful World : James Morrison
Personally, we weren’t quite sure about James Morrison as there is a whole new crop of ‘James Blunt-like’ singers coming out of the wood work now… but the lyrics to this song are very good, it’s very melodic and well, not bad. It kinda makes you want to go out in the street and spin around like The Sound of Music or something.

Side Streets: Saint Etienne
We downloaded this ages ago and forgot about it. Then randomly it showed up in our ‘Recently Added’ iTunes playlist and it’s so gorgeous. Samba-inspired and lush vocals make this a great track. We are gonna listen to next time we are walking home as it’s sure to put a little spark in our step.