Hello Electroqueer readers!

Here is a list of downloads that we have been enjoying over the last couple of weeks.  Thanks for all your nice emails – we haven’t gone anywhere…we are just on temporary hiatus!

Love Fight : Dannii Minogue
Dannii Minogue just released her greatest hits album in the UK and it’s an amazing collection of dance diddies that spans almost two decades!  Who new Kylie’s little sister had so many hits…I mean we all danced to them, but holy shit…she’s had a lot of hits!  Check out Love Fight – it’s brilliant!

Sewn : The Feeling
The first song to be released from their fantastic album ‘Twelve Stops Then Home’.  The song received quite a bit of UK radio airplay and did quite well in the charts.  ‘Twelve Stops’ is a great album too – we recommend you download it on iTunes because you get the videos as well!

Unlovable : Darren Hayes
Darren’s new single whose proceeds are going to charity.  The original electro version of ‘Unlovable’ is featured on Darren’s stellar album, ‘The Tension and the Spark’ while a free download of the single is available from www.darrenhayes.net.com

Dear Mr. President (featuring The Indigo Girls) & Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self : P!nk
We recently downloaded P!nk’s new album ‘I’m Not Dead’ and aside from featuring two great singles in ‘Stupid Girls’ and ‘Who Knew’ these two songs really stand out.  They also showcase P!nk’s awareness of the world around her dedication to being a strong female vocalist.  We highly recommend these two tracks.

You’re All I Have : Snow Patrol
What can we say?  We LOVE Snow Patrol’s new single.  Download it today.

Nine2Five : The Ordinary Boys vs. Lady Sovereign
As much as we don’t want to like The Ordinary Boys, they are quite good.  We don’t even like Lady Sovereign that much, but this track is quite catchy.

I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair) : Sandi Thom

This song recently went to number 1 in the UK.  We like it.  It’s strong.  We did take a listen to Sandi’s debut album, but we weren’t impressed to be honest.  But this single is worth a download – Catchy and foot-stompin.

Let’s Get Down : Supafly vs. Fishbowl
This is an instant club classic.  We hear it everyday in London. 

Outside : Jim Verraros
We really like little gay Jim Verraros.  We’ve been listening to this single for a few weeks now and it’s hot.  Keep up the great work Jim – we are looking forward to more rock stuff from you!

X (Radio Edit) : Liberty X
We love Liberty X.  The problem with Liberty X is that they have a ton of mediocre songs and quite a few really good songs.  It’s almost time they put their greatest hits package together, take a few years off and work on a new sound.  However, ‘X’ is a fantastic anthem and we watch the video everyday (mostly because of Kevin Simm) and listen to this every morning on the tube.  If you can download the ‘Radio Edit’ instead of the album version…it’s a lot better.

All Good Things Come To An End : Nelly Furtado featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay
You’ll have to look hard to find this unreleased track….(ahem Perez Hilton) but it’s AMAZING!  Basically a lot of industry bullshit is the reason why the Chris Martin vocals don’t appear on the album track, but even without Chris’ vocals, it’s a strong track.  Add his vocals and it’s like butter.  And we LOVE Nelly Furtado anyways so look for this track and download it before it disappears permanently.

I Love New York : Madonna
We have been in love with this rock version of ‘I Love New York’ as released on Madonna’s first live album and DVD  ‘I’m Going To Tell You A Secret’.  The song is so much different and better in our opinion than the Confession’s electro version.  We are quite happy about this track considering the crappy video to ‘Get Together’ that was released…sigh.