If you like Darren Hayes, Casey Stratton, Jay Brannan or any other quality male artist singer/songwriter, then you’re going to lose your nut for Matt Alber.

I’ve just had a listen to Matt’s debut album “Hide Nothing” and it’s one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. Made entirely on his mac computer, “Hide Nothing” does exactly what it suggests. Matt is an openly gay artist, not afraid to let his heart pour out in song and melody. Fans of Imogen Heap will even bow down in respect for Matt Alber as the album features a very good rework of “Hide And Seek” – providing a vocal that gave me the shivers. The press are even raving that “Hide Nothing” is quite simply – “The most romantic gay album, ever”. And with that said, you should grab your partner now, turn down the lights and get a little freaky with the one you love – set to the music of Matt Alber.

To listen to the album, just click here (fyi – “Field-trip Buddy”…OMG, lush) and to get a feeling for how charming this man really is, might I present to you his video for “Monarch”.