Let’s be honest here. May was just not the greatest month in music. With the loss of a legend and the resurgence of that annoying “It’s gonna be May” *Nsync meme, it’s time to start a new. If it’s true that April showers bring May flowers

Let the latest edition of This Beat is Poptronik be the miracle grow to a great month in pop!

May’s Poptronik playlist brings a hot dose of what you need to get start off the month right featuring:

‘Go’ by M83 ft. Mai Lan- Serena caught M83 in concert last month and couldn’t wait to share her experience as an instant converted fan. ‘Go!’ is their latest single off their April album release Junk.

‘Kamikaze’ by Young Brother- the single ‘Kamikaze’ has been out for about a year now. Though, proving great things come to those who wait; in a years’ time, Young Brother teamed up with Ultra and unleashed a 80s infused 8-bit adventure for his debut video for the aforementioned single.

‘Sail Away’ by Man Made Time- Nothing makes the staff at EQ more excited than when an out-of-the-box thinking new act becomes known to us. This past month, Man Made Time awoke our senses with a future sound served of their forward thinking creative direction. A sonic template cut heavy from the percussion section set aside placement of esoteric electronic undertones that provided a fitting sonic dance floor for otherworldly gilded vocals.

‘Give It Up’ by Nathan Sykes ft. G-Easy- The all grown up boy bander has delivered something incredibly sultry. Nathan’s latest single showcases his soul stylized vocals to their fullest, and yes… you do hear a sample of the 90’s hit ‘Don’t Leave Me’ by Blackstreet.  I guess April marked the month that could go down in history is one where the boy banders show that they are true men! With the release of Nathan’s latest video you get a look at everything you ever wanted to see from him and more… Just wait for those fan fics.

‘I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler’ by YACHT – this LA based band opened up for M83. ‘I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler’ takes a stylized look at what the 21st century has become with the addition of synths and truly 80’s inspired vocals. YACHT proves that it’s okay to come to a show early, you don’t know what kind of treasures you may find.

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