Four people make up Peplab. They are an ‘electronic meets pop has sex with rock’ type of band. In the normal introduction of a band, you might get a nice picture of them wearing a rather suitable attire for an introduction. Not these boys…


…because as you can see they’ve decided to show you their ‘I’m about to go swimming look’. But, as we’re going to now talk about the music, let’s have a look at them in the correct attire that you would expect…


…and as you can see they’ve finally got it right. The suits are on, although, and this might sound quite cruel, but just because they probably cost a fair bit of money – does not take away from the fact that they are quite ugly men. This ugliness is probably why they got into this genre of music – because with it – you don’t have to front a music video that involves at any point – your face. You can make it nice and ‘blah’ and call it artistic.

Anyway, now that we have suitably insulted their lack of natural beauty – we can talk about the music, and it is bloody great. We’re loving – which means it has been on non-stop for more an hour at this point – ‘I’m On The Wrong Medicine’. It is genius. It is superb. It is many things. If you would like to listen to it, you can click here. And while you are there, you can listen to ‘ET’, which quite amazingly is about the movie of the same name – or as far as we can make out it is, or ‘Elvis Is Dead’, which seems to be their way of re-inventing the way history should be taught at primary schools – and we like it. We like it a lot.

Now though, time for another picture…


…and they are off. Who knows, they might have even been about to have an orgy in the car when the bastard photographer turned up. Or not; it really depends on what your view of the promotional photos is.

Next time we might talk a bit more about the music. And put in a link.