Here is Part 2 of the nominations for Electroqueer Of The Year 2007!

Robyn – Her infectious electro and pop grooves have now hit the UK full force and we can’t get enough of her self-titled album these days.  A pint-sized powerhouse, an energetic performer and a woman who knows how to market herself in the independent music market – this girl is on fire.

Simon Curtis – If waiting for a debut album to come out were a disease, then Simon Curtis would be the cure.  It was last December that we were exposed to Simon Curtis and his hot new pop and electro sound.  He’s a talented songwriter and has the face of an angel – he’s the Savior of pop music.  We’ve blogged a fair bit about Simon Curtis in the past and we have a feeling, this could be his year as ‘Alter Boy’ is looking likey to get it’s release.

Siobhan Donaghy – She left the Sugababes and released her brilliant solo album – ‘Revolution In Me’ which was an underrated gem a few years ago.  She’s on the verge of releasing her second album and gearing up for a small tour of performances around London – EQ will be there to cover her second attempt at music domination.  If you don’t love Siobhan Donaghy by the end of this year – then we didn’t do our job.

Stuart Price – Getting any news on Stuart Price is always very hard.  He’s been more of a behind-the-scenes guy rather than an upfront performer.  But when thinking about the one person has produced all of our favourite remixes of last year, Stuart Price stood out amongst them all.  He re-invented Madonna and exposed us to fantastic electro-tinged act Zoot Woman (whom he’s a member of).  Anything that Stuart Price does this year, we will be there to report on.

Switch 22 – The nicest and baddest boys of electro/pop.  They are working on their second collection of electro tracks and have been making the rounds in America and the UK exposing us all to their cutting edge, 80’s inspired songs.  Hard-working, good-looking and on the verge of something wonderful – it couldn’t sound any brighter for Switch 22 at the moment.

Tracey Thorn – She’s just released her long-awaited album ‘Out Of The Woods’ and its anything short of amazing.  We can’t wait to see how the album unfolds this year and whether or not ‘Grand Canyon’ will be a mega-success as a single.  Tracey Thorn is a legend and an icon and has one of the most recognised and distinctive voices in modern music.  She’s the only artist in the fold we haven’t seen live yet.

Young Love – A lot indie with a big serving of electro, but most certainly the right combination to make him our final nominee for EQ of the Year 07.  Already he has launched himself in the states and we can’t wait to see how he progresses into the music scene throughout the rest of the world.  ‘Discotech’ and ‘Find A New Way’ are fantastic first releases and his first album is a solid and joyful listen for anyone into new music.  We are in love, with Young Love.

So that’s it – those are your nominees.  Go out and buy their albums now.  Pre-Order their albums if you can and most certainly send them your love and messages of support on MySpace. 

It’s gonna be a great year for Electroqueer music in 2007.