Hello our lovelies.  EQ just got home from another fun night out at the Popshow Spring Foward Party in which once again we were thrilled to bits at discovering some great new pop and electro talent and having a good ol chuckle at some of the acts that just didn’t seem to have it all together.

We also took our fave babes Claudia and Louise along (otherwise known as the EQ Sugamamas) whom EQ is forever indebted to.  The Sugamamas will be giving their pop commentary as well throughout this review…so long as EQ promises to cook them our famous Pad Thai on the weekend.


Say Hello to the EQ Sugamamas!  It’s their first Popshow!  Watch yaself!


So first on the bill was EQ Fold member MadisonMadison once again took to the stage and utterly conquered it with his dancefloor knockouts ‘Move Your Ass’ and ‘Agitation’.  Sporting a golden jacket  and shiny black trousers designed by Ross Jenkins, Madison and his dancers once again proved that they are bursting with originality and glamour and were the perfect way to open up Popshow.  Madison has a few new tracks in the works too in preparation for his EP and we’ll keep you updated on all the Madison news as it progresses.

EQ Sugamamas: "No words to describe him – utterly speechless" – "Great style, his dancers are amazing".


The clear hands-down winners of Popshow last night (if it were actually a contest) were DISCOTHEQUE!  This was Discotheque’s first ever public performance of ‘Unsung Hero’ and we were blown away with complete awe.  The group is bringing back that Alcazar energy that is missing in the pop charts at the moment and by the time the song was over, we wanted more!  The only problem was, there wasn’t any more!  So sad.  Yes, Discotheque only did the one song – but boy was it amazing.  Loads of personality, polished and undeniably a pop pleasure to behold – we can only wait with baited breath to see more of Discotheque in the future.  Great job you guys.

EQ Sugamamas: "The best act of the night!" – "Bringing Swedish pop back in a good way!"


Next on the bill – was ahem…Billiam.  OK – we hate their name.  And the promo photos we seen haven’t really got us excited that much.  But wait a minute…they are actually quite good.  We usually don’t expect too much from boybands at all, but Billiam could be proving us to eat those words a bit.  Great pop tunes (which we hear are satisfying Westlife fans at the moment as they are on tour with them), good looks and their whole routine was entirely flawless.  These boys really have their act together and we liked it.  You can expect a few Billiam tunes to be debuting in our EQ Pop Chart most likely so stay tuned.  These good looking lads will most definitely be giving us something pop to write about when we want to take a break from our usual electro music musings.  We couldn’t help but notice another band furiously taking mental notes during Billiam’s performance – great stuff.  More Billiam

EQ Sugamamas: "We hope the one in the blue vest isn’t gay – he’s so fit" – "Oh yeah, blue vest boy makes our groins burn".  OH MY LADIES – ahem…the music?  LOL.


Kemal.  What can we say about him?  He makes us laugh…in the good way.  He’s a confident and brave performer and his song ‘Give It Away’ really has us entertained at the moment.  We are actually a little perturbed he wasn’t allowed to perform it for the Eurovision finals (see his Myspace for all the details on that) but we found him to be a fun pop act that could be very interesting to watch in the future.  He had some very good looking boys in the audience all aflutter too – we aren’t jokin!  Thanks Kemal for keeping it camp – pop aint pop unless their are entertainers like you out there to keep the fun factor up.

EQ Sugamamas: "Where have I seen that guy before?" – "He looks better than I do in a leotard – not fair!"


Jade Ewen was pretty good.  She did a great little acoustic set and we heard she’s signed on Sony BMG now – watch out for more from this chick soon.  Great voice, great performer and all around great gal.

EQ Sugamamas: Um…well they went to the restroom during this performance and missed out.

So all in all – not a bad Popshow.  We’re hoping they’ll consider moving it to a Thursday or Friday as it might be a sellout event then.  Unfortunately the Electric Dolls had to pull out of the night but we had a fun chat with Lynsey and Suzi and they are just the sweetest gals.  Beyond and Hannah from S Club were spotted in the audience as well taking a break from entertaining and enjoying the cocktails and show. 

As far as the other acts go that weren’t mentioned, email or MySpace message us if you want the skinny.

We wish Popshow continued success and we will make sure we are there to give EQ readers the best highlights from this unmissable night out for charity.