And the nominees for Electroqueer of the Year 2007 are…The Electroqueer Fold.

The Electroqueer Fold are 15 acts that define this blog.  Some are well-known established acts that you all know and love.  Some are still in the process of recording their first collection of tracks.  All brilliant acts – all have fantastic projects in the works that we are excited about this year and will be covering them very regularly in the lead up to naming one of them Electroqueer Of The Year 2007 in January.

Here are the first half of the nominees – stay tuned for for part 2 tomorrow!

Antigone – Electro, nu-jazz and all around uber fabulousness surrounds this rising artist.  We love her to bits.  Her debut single ‘Funky Dancers’ was released on 1 April and is already an EQ Number 1!  You’ll be seeing a lot more Antigone on EQ – we promise.

Client – An act we hardly blog on, but they are one act that we just savor like a good meal after you’ve been starved for days out on an island oasis.  They are the epitome of electro, tight imagery and performance.  These gals certainly know how to make any EQ reader beg for more…we have a big feature planned on Client in the works!

Dangerous Muse – Another act that blew up due to the blogesphere but one that EQ never blogged about until now.  But, the simple fact is – Dangerous Muse are incredible.  They are what any new rising electro boy band should aspire to be.  The have a unique blend of good looks and a hot electro sound  It’s been quiet in the Dangerous Muse camp for the past few months…but we do know they are cooking up something hot in the electro oven.

Darren Hayes – Crowned as Electroqueer of the Year 06 last January, it just wouldn’t be right to not nominate him again this year.  Darren has proven that he’s the leader of the pack when it comes to making electro cool again and you can bet that we will have all the goss and info on Darren this year when he releases double-disc, ‘This Delicate Thing We’ve Made’.  Darren does stand in equal footing as the rest of the artists – we promise not to be biased – but Darren is still growing as an artist and has yet to unveil some of his best work to the world.

Dragonette – Ones to watch out for as reported by PopJustice and boy were they ever right.  ‘I Get Around’ is one of the best electro singles to hit the world this year.  What will 2007 hold for this awesome new band?  Only time will tell and EQ is there to bring it all to you as we can’t seem to get enough Dragonette goodness at the moment.

The Electric Dolls – One of our personal fave girl groups to ever come together since BananaramaThe Electric Dolls are working hard in the studio to give you some of the catchiest and sauciest girl band tunes in 2007.  With electric beats behind their poppy lyrics, The Electric Dolls are getting the balance right in our books and our little fingers get all warm whenever we get to write anything about them. 

Imogen Heap – Her second album ‘Speak For Yourself’ was amazing – every track a gem.  Now Imogen is on a holiday and preparing to work on her third album which we cannot wait for.  We are hoping to get to offer you a lot of Imogen goodies in 2007.  To us, Imogen Heap is like the angelic Virgin Mary of music – whose brilliance and glow outshines any other female artist of her time.

Madison – This hot new dance/club act is currently putting together his first collection of tracks which are truly amazing – flashbacks to the 80’s with contemporary electro flair. Everyone seems to be getting the Madison buzz at the moment. A little pop, a little electro and a little retro is how we would have to describe Madison – he’s everything we love about new musicians.