Have a look above and what do you see? You see two amazingly multi-talented sisters who together make up Aly and AJ. Aly and AJ, are what you might call ‘Disney babes’ due to their ties with the Disney Corporation – from the print modelling when they were young; to the acting when they were a little older; and eventually they became the performers, and writers behind one of this year’s best albums – ‘Insomniatic’.

As you might notice on the right, ‘Potential Breakup Song’ is sitting quite pretty at the bottom of the Electroqueer Chart, which is good, because it isn’t the best song on the album AT ALL. That duty goes to a song called ‘Bullseye’, which quite astoundingly isn’t about the dank, dark, dripping life of Jim Davidson, but instead is about someone, a boy, who is trying to get into their heart and not – as teenage pregnancy statistics would have you believe – their trousers.

‘Bullseye’ is very much a semi electro-pop track, with a sprinkling of teen-pop in there as well. Or, if those genres are a bit too confusing – just file it under "amazing". Have a listen below.

Great, aren’t they. And now they have your attention, here is the video for their first single, ‘Potential Breakup Song’. It even has some movement involved in it…

…what more do you want?