Say hello to Shugar Boy!

We had about 20 remixes submitted for the EQ / Masterbeat Remix Competition for Kaci Battaglia's new single "Crazy Possesive" and Shugar Boy's remix was the winner, receiving the most votes from all the entries submitted – what he did with the song is just amazing!  You can hear his winning electro remix over on his MySpace page right now!

Shugar Boy is also an up-and-coming Canadian electro-pop musician and we even hear he's working on his own single as we speak – and from what we've heard of his remix capabilities, he surely might be one to watch in the future!

EQ and Masterbeat would like to thank everyone who entered the remix competition and took the time to lend their musical talent to Kaci's new single – there were some really creative and original entries and it was a pleasure to listen to all of them!

Again, make sure to give Shugar Boy some love over on his MySpace page and just for the fun of it, let's take a look at Kaci Battaglia's video to "Crazy Possesive" one more time…