Consistently brilliant, The Ultrasonics have just now released two new tracks to their MySpace fans today. One of which is their saucy remake of Eurythmics classic “Sweet Dreams” and the other is a new stomper called “Shine Like A Superstar”.

If The Ultrasonics continue to release tracks like these, they may well be a contender for having one of the hottest electro album ever produced. I’m so excited at how The Ultrasonics are developing – you should be too! Jo – we can’t wait to see you perform the band’s new tracks – pronto!

UPDATE: As soon as I posted this article, Ultrasonics lead singer, Jo announced on her MySpace that she’s off to do “other music projects”. I hope this doesn’t mean what I think this means…if it is, it’s certainly a sad day here at EQ HQ…First they sell their big song “Why You Had To Leave” to someone else and now this…umph!

UPDATE Part 2: It’s official. Jo has left The Ultrasonics. I received an email a few moments ago confirming it. I think I’m gonna go have a cry now…”it’s hard to believe”, but Jo, I’m sure you had a reason “why you had to leave”…boo-hoo.