Well, once again, my favourite X Factor act gets the boot out of the competition, and I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that Nicolo Festa shouldn’t have gone so quickly – especially after some utterly horrible performances by the likes of Diva Fever, Wagner, Belle Amie, Storm and Katie Waissel over the weekend on X Factor.  I got a bit of flack for supporting at times the “weird” personality of Nicolo Festa but you know what – that boy could fucking sing.  Nothing grips my core more than a boy who can bare his soul in powerful torch ballads and has the courage to “not” change the gender when performing songs that were specifically written for women (take note Paige).  Hearing Nicolo Festa sing about losing his man to another woman named New York at judges houses and how he can’t find his man at the club while busting out Gaga’s “Just Dance” is well, pretty fearless to me.

Truth be told, Nicolo Festa was never the right fit for X Factor.  His odd personality and straight-up honest reactions to the show was really refreshing.  When being booted off the show last night, Dermont O’Leary asked him how he felt and in classic Nicolo Festa style he didn’t say, “oh it’s a huge opportunity and thank you for listening, I’m gonna keep trying!”…he simply stated the truth – “I feel like crap”.  And something has to be said about that kind of honesty. 

When I first heard that he was going to perform “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga, I was a little worried.  It didn’t seem like the right fit for him and perhaps instead of putting on a massive production, Dannii Minogue should have had him perform something more subtle that showed off his incredible voice more – but what’s done is done and regardless, I enjoyed the spectacle and will keep watching the train wrecks get through each week on X Factor and the talented people being shown the door.  I just do hope that Nicolo Festa doesn’t give up on music.  He’s got an amazing talent that shouldn’t go to waste.  If I owned a record label – I would most definitely sign Nicolo Festa on the spot.  It’s not every day you uncover a talent like Nicolo Festa who has the courage to spit in the face of media training and tell it like it really is – all the while being able to charm the pants off of anyone with that voice.

Nicolo Festa – you may not be an X Factor legend, but you’re a legend here at EQ.