You read it here first EQs!

So last night we dragged our elderly ass down to G-A-Y. to check out the reunion of Army Of Lovers and Alcazar as well as the "launch" of BWO and what a fun-filled night it twas.  We arrived around 11:30pm to an enthusiastic drunken crowd, some of which were even sporting their Alcazar t-shirts and it was noticeable that just about every pop-loving Swede was in the crowd last night.


After a few hours of the usual pop trash that you come to expect at G-A-Y, Kylie’s ‘Better the Devil You Know’ played which indicated that the show will start in one hour…a long-time tradition that is just as fun and exciting every time those silly balloons drop from the ceiling.  And finally around 1am, Army Of Lovers took to the stage and delivered ‘Crucified’ complete with a throne, synthesizers and blow up sex doll.  Now we were never into Army Of Lovers that much, but this was exactly the amount of camp we expected from them!  They looked like they were having a blast up there singing their greatest hit for the first time in 10 years!

Next up was the act that everyone was waiting for.  Alcazar made their first appearance as a group in two years and danced and jived to ‘This Is The World We Live In’, ‘Start The Fire’ and closed with their timeless disco anthem, ‘Crying At The Discotheque’.  We kinda had to chuckle, cuz the singer Lina that replaced Annikafore, was well, almost a lookalike.  But at least Andreas and Tess made the effort and they looked so happy spreading their disco triumph again to all us at the club.  Jeremy Joseph then came on stage and begged Alcazar to get back together with the audience agreeing and screaming their excitment and Andreas looked a little apprehensive and said ‘they will think about it’.  Awww.  Maybe someday – we’ll see.  We miss Magnus and Annikafore, but it sounds like a full-on reunion probably isn’t in the cards.  Oh well – we have our memories.


Finally swedish sensations BWO graced the stage and were fantastic!  They performed ‘Chariots Of Fire’ which went down a storm and in our opinion will probably be a big hit when it is released in the UK  soon! ‘Temple Of Love’ and ‘Save My Pride’ were also delivered with such extreme energy and it was quite clear that London is ready for BWO with Jeremy Joseph exclaiming ‘these guys are gonna be huge’ and well, we are right up there singing the BWO gospel with him.


All in all, lots of fun, lots of laughs, lots of vodka redbulls – last nights show was so much fun and every pop-loving Swedish person in Sweden had to be jealous this show was happening in London!  Long live Swedish pop music!  Who needs drugs or anti-depressants when you have the likes of Army Of Lovers, Alcazar and BWO to lift you up when you’re feeling down – definitley no crying at the discotheque last night!