Thanks to Stephen L. for the heads up on this artist.

Say hello to Quentin Mosimann.  He’s kinda like a Swiss/French singing version of Adam Lambert with a twist.  You see, Quentin has two loves – electro house and swing music.  Polar opposite sides of the musical balance if you will, but that doesn’t stop him fusing the two together in a way that’s unique and pretty uber cool.  You see, he actually released his latest single “Cherchez Le Garçon” in both genres! So if you’re one of the cool kids who like your thumpin electro, well Quentin is holding a glowstick for you. And if you’re one of the cool jazz/swing kids who like a bit of trumpet in your music – then hey Quentin will blow your horn…

Seriously though – check it out, below are the electro and swing versions of the video for “Cherchez Le Garçon”.  I need to get a copy of his album right now – preferably the electro version because the only swing album I have is Robbie Williams “Swing When You’re Winning”

“Cherchez Le Garçon” – electro

“Cherchez Le Garçon” – swing