Prides 2

Initially Prides came to us via a glowing recommendation from fellow Glaswegians Chvrches, who passed the tip on the bold, big riffed anthem and buzz track “Out Of The Blue”. All within a split second of listening it wasn’t hard to deduce from the ensuing goosebump feeling that stretched right over me that the synth pop mutated band metamorphosized out of local bands Midnight Lion and Kitty The Lion had the scope to develop into perhaps one of the most biggest and exciting new electronic pop bands to emerge within the genre. Stat!

So here we have Prides re-emerge since working up a live buzz through festivals and gigs, resulting in their recent inking with Island Records and laying down tracks to debut. This all comes together now like a juddering juggernaut of electro head intoxicating fuel in the unveiling of the debut track from the same titled EP “The Seeds You Sow”.

As in the direction of Ultravox one of Scotlands most prominent electronic pop bands before them, Prides take to thrashing around a thunderous backbone of beaterific anthem drumming which only goes into measurably reinforcing upon the intonation of the infectious power chanting mantra’s ey – aye -oh’s that frenetically litter the chorus break with an air punching knock-out ferocity.

I continue to be very much knocked out by the band and predict 2014 is going to be one helluva impressive ride in sound. As soon as “The Seeds You Sow” is out on February 10th followed by the full EP March 31st, Prides will certainly be taking up residence on my playlist, with the notion that there will be many more beat throbbing tunes in their wake to follow.