Aviv Geffen is probably the biggest rock star in Israel – right up there next to Ivri Lider.  I was contacted months ago to start covering his European re-Invention, but unfortunately I didn't see much potential in his brand of rock as having much of an impact in my little world of music, so with little regret, I decided to pass on Aviv Geffen.  

Maybe that was a mistake.  Just today I have seen the video to "It Was Meant To Be A Love Song" and it's absolutely brilliant.  Imagine The Presets meets Placebo with a Dave Gahan twist.  

However, I'm probably one of the few that appreciates when rock stars cross-over to the wonderful world of electronica and this news of Aviv's re-invention has seemed to upset a lot of his faithful followers judging by the comments left on his YouTube page.  You always will lose a few fans or two whenever changing your core genre, but when it's done the way Aviv Geffen has done it by way of the new single, he stands only to gain many new European fans with his new sound.  

I haven't heard the album yet, so who knows if it's as good as it's lead single, but I think all EQ readers can appreciate the effort that was put into making Aviv Geffen a viable talent in Europe…let's wait and see if he can do it.