Hehehe – we just found this on the net, it’s a quote we said about how fabulous Popshow is on Soho Revue Bar’s website – check it out here.  Apparently what we have to say about Popshow is slightly more important than Gina G’s quote – LOL.  Too funny.  And we do mean it, Popshow is a lot of fun.  The next one is on Tuesday 17th July featuring Electroqueer favourites Madison and State City Disco

Make sure to get on down there if you can!  We wonder what Madison will be wearing this time!  We are expecting State City Disco to wow us too…for they do have the number 2 position on the EQ Chart this week!  Popshow is the best 20 quid you can spend on a Tuesday night!

To see who else is performing, click here, or here.