Well hello my EQs!  Christmas has come and gone again and in looking back on it all it seems this year has just flown by so quickly!  Geri and I celebrated Christmas this year by watching countless DVDs in which we finally finished off ‘Grey’s Anatomy – Season 2’ which was just sitting on the shelf forever, and playing countless hours of video games on the Nintendo Wii in which I am more partial to ‘Super Mario Galaxy’ and Geri really likes ‘Resident Evil : The Umbrella Chronicles’ cuz he really likes to shoot things. 

Last night we also went to see ‘I am Legend’ at The O2 and it was ok, but I have to wonder, how many disaster-the-world-comes-to-an-end movies are they gonna make?  Should the end of the world actually see the light of day, it won’t be any fun because if flesh-eating zombies and/or aliens take over the planet, we’ll be rather bored by them cuz we’ve seen it all before eh?

Aside from that strange observation – I did however spend endless hours in the kitchen cooking up a traditional turkey dinner which then turned into turkey noodle soup yesterday and within the past four days I polished off an entire deluxe chocolate yule log by myself and I am really not proud of that.  But oh well – it’s Christmas right!

Thanks to everyone who sent along Christmas emails, texts, comments and e-cards too!  I truly hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and that you are looking forward to New Years Eve as much as I am.  I have lots of new acts to write about and some fun features planned in 2008 so stay bookmarked EQs!