European electro/pop duo The Green Children are readying their upcoming sophomore album, Connection, set for a July 23 release, with an EP featuring tracks reminiscent of work from Ellie Goulding and Owl City. The team of Marlow Bevan and Milla Sunde are crafting magical, nature-inspired, inspirational pop tracks that will take listeners into a dream-like world with soft vocals and electronic production.

The album’s lead single, “Feel the Light“, currently receiving airplay on both US and UK radio, shines due to the soothing, soaring vocals and simple production which transport listeners into a calm environment with lyrics such as “you don’t have to see to feel the light“. Overall, the song is a beautiful creation, uncluttered with loud beats and a dance breakdown, which seems to be the go-to formula of most new releases.

In the same vain is “Kisses From the Sky“, a slightly more uptempo effort that keeps the synths and production to a minimum, in order to never overpower the Goulding-inspired vocals, which it never does. Again, the song is far from the generic pop creation, but a chance for escape as the lyrics envelop the listener.

The Green Children are a breath of fresh air in the electronic/pop/dance world with more focus being placed on the vocal performances instead of dance breakdowns and AutoTune. Said to have returned to the woods and crystal blue lakes of Norway to bring their upcoming album to life, the available songs do paint a mythical picture of raw inspiration. Seems like now we just sit back patiently and wait until July 23 for Connection.