Whilst we were at The Great Escape, there was one artist whose name kept springing up in our discussion. Canadian electronic-pop act Mozart’s Sister. We had all good intentions to head over to either Green Door Store or the Komedia Studio to catch this show. However, the timings were never on our side and myself and Raj had to succumb to the fact that Mozart’s Sister would be among those that got away. Shame really, because we were super keen to see this show.

We’d sat over a leisurely breakfast and filled up a coffee break or two checking over the quirky synth pop tracks of Mozart’s Sister’s latest album “Field Of Love” and it all seemingly spoke out to us as being our of cup of tea. Therefore, we feel it necessary to show this little lady some EQ love anyways, and introduce you to the Canadian’s eclectic style of music which ended up as the soundtrack to our TGE brunching.

The best place to start is with “Moment 2 Moment” being what I regard as the stand-out track from Mozart’s Sister’s sophomore album. This track shows best, the way in which the Canadian synth-pop artist has a confident command of melody and layering. The video oozes with charm and exhibits eccentrically, adorable charisma.

Researching the album again, I think it would have been interesting to see how Mozart’s Sister might have translated these shimmery synth morsels to the stage. I hope she is she is gloriously aloof, when let loose on the live circuit. Sweet but a bit of a risk taker. Now I’m just making myself a teeny bit downhearted that we didn’t get to the show. So, to remedy this, because I don’t want any thoughts of regret at all (I had a most FABULOUS Great Escape experience!). Here’s some extra shimmery loveliness by way of “Eternally Girl”.