Time sure has the way of whizzing by too soon when you’re at a music festival. I don’t think we could have squeezed any more into our Great Escape schedule, save if we hadn’t stopped to eat or sleep.

The choices on offer this year at the Brighton festival gave Raj and myself plenty of new acts to be intrigued about. And, another artist who stirred up some curiosity for us who we reluctantly didn’t manage to check out, was Brooklyn producer JNTHN STEIN.

Here are a few words, as to why JNTHN STEIN’s mellow production work caught our attention.

Whilst the majority of the production genre is concentrating its attention towards EDM, the same cannot be said for JNTHN STEIN. The producer/DJ dabbles in a spectrum of influences, through jazz to hip-hop and the results are brought out by a lush soundscape of soft focus electronica strung out with seductively relaxed bass beats.
Having recently released his debut EP “Changes”, Stein has struck out with an uberly chilled single release choice in way of sophisticated “Cmprssn”. It stretches beyond the confines of mainstream electronica yet, is very welcoming to the ear. The video wouldn’t be out of place as a scene from Twin Peaks – The Return.

JNTHN STEIN is a name to note, not only is he part of the LA Collective Team Supreme, alongside Mr. Carmack, Djemba Djemba and Penthouse Penthouse. He’s the production anchor behind a number tracks from up-and-coming new artists Tara Carosielli and Dot and you’ll also find the multi-instrumentalists name cropping up on a slew of remixes too.