The Good Natured is WAY WAY WAY up there as one of my favourite new artists.

Her new EP is out now to buy and it's called "Your Body Is A Machine" – It's a brilliant little piece of work that you should all own in your CD collection.  You're gonna have to hurry though if you want it, it's limited to 250 copies and it will sell out.  All the EPs all handmade by Sarah herself so make sure you go grab a copy of it over on her MySpace.  A total bargain at 4 quid each.  I was lucky enough to get her "Warriors" EP and there isn't a day that goes by where I don't have a listen to at least one of the songs from it.

I hung out with Sarah on Monday night at the Temposhark single launch where she performed and it's quite apparent that this girl is the next big thing – just waiting to launch.  Anybody who has ever seen her live or heard her music agrees with me and as readers of EQ, you can't really argue. 

The Good Natured will be performing a FREE show alongside Waterloo and Temposhark on November 21st at EQ Live at Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch – save the date!