I’ve been championing Thom Skinner for quite awhile. Last year he made quite an impression with me with his track “Now I Found You” when he was known as 4th Child. Well, he’s dropped the 4th Child now and he’s now recording as Thom Skinner. He’s just finished his demo album “Proletarian” and I can truly say that it’s the first great pop album of 2009.

“Proletarian” is expected to drop early next year and it’s really a gem. I wish I could share it with you right now, it’s that good. A masterclass in pop is what it is. Flaunting his 80’s influenced dance and electronica skills on “One Night Stand” and “Pulling @ My Heartstrings” you’ll be in future-retro heaven. Throughout the whole album you get a real feel for how George Michael-esqe the vocals and lyrics are. It’s quite noticable in the yearning and intensity of his performance – especially on “Damaged Goods”. “Bringing On The Feeling” will take you right back to the early 90’s house days of Take That. “Superman” is an ode to well, Superman. But it’s heavily coated in a Soft Cell “Tainted Love” tribute song that really makes the whole thing rather fucking cool. There are a fair amount of mid-tempo ballads on the album too which will give any pop lover moments of pleasure.

Proletarian Watch this space EQs.

Thom Skinner is brilliant and you all should be taking note. Take a listen to some of his tracks now over on the MySpace link below.

Thom Skinner MySpace