Happy Sunday EQs!

So after taking a little bit of a break with The EQ Tastemaker Chart, I'm happy to announce that it's returning as of today.  I often get asked "How is the chart compiled?" and I usually respond with a cheeky answer like "It's a very complicated mathematical process!" or "Ancient Chinese secret!"…but truth be known, it's actually my list of the top 50 songs that rock my iPod, right now.  It's a look into the future of what you should be listening to and recognition of the current songs that are a great representation of pop and electronic music.

Everytime I skip a week, I usually get about 10 emails saying "Where's the chart?"…I wasn't entirely sure how the EQ Chart was going to fit into the new redesign, but I've decided it's going to be a regular Sunday weekly blog post that will be archived so you can always go back and see how it's evolving.

So without further ado, here's the Top 50 EQ Songs – week ending, September 20th 2009.  And after a full month of Temposhark ruling EQ's top spot, they have been lovingly bumped by the brilliance that is Blake Lewis, with Addictive, Imogen Heap, Medina and Tecnoctitlan chomping at his heels…

1. Sad Song: Blake Lewis
2. Domino Effect: Addictive
3. First Train Home: Imogen Heap
4. Starry Eyes: Ellie Goulding
5. Hey Sexy: Sugababes 
6. The World Does Not Revolve Around You: Temposhark [#1 – 4 weeks]
7. Be Togeda: Tecnotitlan
8. You And I: Medina [new]
9. She Wolf: Shakira [new] 
10. Saviour: Lights 

11. Million Dollar Bill: Whitney Houston
12. Hotter: Parralox [new]
13. Whatever Whatever: Rodrigo Moratto
14. I Pray: The Good Natured [new]
15. Celebration: Madonna
16. Sexy People: Lolene [new]
17. Oops Do You Love Me: Pandering & The Golddiggers
18. Runaround: Del Marquis [new]
19. I Left My Heart In Tokyo: Mini Viva
20. Los Feeling: Visitor

21. Remedy: Little Boots
22. Love Comes: Bananarama
23. I'm Not Your Toy: La Roux
24. Allein Allein: Polarkreis 18
25. Break Your Heart: Taio Cruz
26. Daisy Dares You: Daisy Dares You
27. Silly Boy: Eva Simons
28. The Meaning Of That Day: Cornelia
29. Four Letter Word: Waterloo
30. Dressed To Kill: Preston 

31. The Competition: Melnyk ft Sara Berg [re-entry]
32. I Like That: Static Revenger/Luciana
33. Tongue: MaJiKer [new]
34. When We Fight: Brad Walsh
35. V.I.P : Killian Wells
36. Dance The Way I Feel: Out Est Le Swimming Pool [new]
37. Crazy Possessive: Kaci Battaglia
38. Olive Eyes: frYar [new]
39. Bodies: Robbie Williams [new] 

40. My Man: Jade Ewen
41. Keep Your Head Up: Girls Can't Catch
42. Say It: Booty Luv
43. Body To Body: Jay-J
44. Blame It On The Girls: Mika [new]
45. Love Game: Lady Gaga [new]
46. Everything Good: The New Devices
48. Up All Night: French Horn Rebellion [new]
49. Whiskey In Churches: Cassidy Hayley [new]
50. Nothing Makes Me Happy Like You: Viktor