Artist: Dangerous Muse

Amazing Because:  Sexy synth boys Mike Furey and Tom Napack from New York blend in first-class electronica with an old school sensibility that speaks to a MTV now generation.  ‘The Rejection’ has to be one of the finest electronic numbers go viral on the internet and the boys are close to debuting their latest video to ‘Give Me Danger’ very soon.  Dangerous Muse can’t churn out an album fast enough for their ever-growning fan base – so far we’ve gotten two single remix EPs from them, but it never hurt for a band to keep their fans in a fit of frenzied anticipation did it?

Why they are EQ:  Obviously their knack for producing some brilliant electronica.  The boys also have a deep appreciation for Depeche Mode and have been known to perform on the decks as DJs for DM club nights.  Dangerous Muse = a new Depeche Mode…it could very well possibly be…

Why not take a quick look at their video to ‘The Rejection’ if you haven’t seen it already.  Sure it’s been out for a long time and isn’t really new anymore, but it’s still bloody brilliant (even if the YouTube video is slightly out of sync).  We can never get tired of hearing this track.  We love the whole girls who like boys, who like boys, who like girls, who like girls thing going on this video.  HOT.

Give Me Danger – Live

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