Artist: Sergey Lazarev

Amazing Because:  We hardly pay attention to the music that is produced by foreign speaking countries such as Russia, but from the minute we discovered Sergey Lazarev’s amazing electronic cover of 80’s smash hit ‘Shattered Dreams’ by Johnny Hates Jazz, we knew this Russian popstar was something beyond the extraordinary.  If it wasn’t for the power of the internet, we would have never found Sergey’s super fine pop gems ‘Fake’, ‘The Eye Of The Storm’ and ‘Everytime’.  He’s also a superb dancer and performer and it’s been awhile since a Russian pop act (ie: Tatu) has maintained our attention so effortlessly.  He’s got the looks, the talent and it’s high time that the whole world know about Sergey Lazarev.

Why He’s EQ:  Although his songs from his first two albums ‘Don’t Be Fake’ and ‘TV Show’ are mostly pop-based, there is an apparent electronic sprinkling throughout his tracks that make us sit up and go – ‘hey that works’.  His music panders really well to radio, the club crowds, pop pushers of every persuasion and for anyone who gets a thrill from good ol power pop.  Just one listen to ‘Shiver’ and ‘Can’t Let You Go’ will make any electronica junkie say ‘you know what, it’s a little pop…but I like it’.  What we like most about Sergey is that he hasn’t even hit his prime yet – watch out EQs, he very well could come up something even more brilliant as he gets older…and he’s certainly off to a running start.

Check out Sergey’s music videos for a taste of this rising young talent…

Shattered Dreams
Lost Without Your Love