Artist: Imogen Heap

Amazing Because:  Imogen heap marries technology and musical artistry in a very unique and powerful way.  When her last album ‘Speak For Yourself’ came out – it was revolutionary in our eyes.  It changed the way that we looked at music.  To us, Imogen is the Virgin Mary of electronic music.  A goddess to behold amongst the plethora of female artists that don’t possess an ounce of her organic talent.  We are still discovering the brilliance of ‘I Megaphone’ as we are waiting impatiently for the first glimpse of the new tracks from her forthcoming as-yet-untitled third album.  We’ve only had one encounter with this magical lady, we saw her on Oxford Street eating a sandwich and that was enough to make us stop dead in our tracks and go ‘whoa’.

Why She’s EQ:  Imogen’s music is unlike any else.  She’s different in an era when artists strive for mediocrity.  Think Bjork and Kate Bush in their prime.  She also blogs in both video and written format quite frequently and seems really connected to her fans.  We love her.  Everyone should love her.  We haven’t written much about Imogen Heap on this blog, but we don’t have to – she’s one of those artists that is so brilliant, that our words can barely touch upon how amazing she is.

Check out her outstanding music videos from ‘Speak For Yourself’ for yourself…

Hide And Seek
Goodnight & Go

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