Artist: Dragonette

Amazing Because:  Just look at them…Martina and her husband Dan are the picture of cool that Gwen and Gavin can’t even come close to.  After waiting for almost a year for their debut album ‘Galore’ to come out, it’s brilliant electropop goodness is finally available on iTunes for all to download and adore.  Hyped by bloggers worldwide, Dragonette never fail to deliver with their stunning imagery and their sharp lyrical wit that’s spun into a edgy web of electro infused pop and rock.

Why they are EQ:  Well why wouldn’t they be?  C’mon!  From the minute their debut single ‘I Get Around’ entranced us with it’s hard electro synths, they had us under their spell.  Followed up with the infectious ‘Take It Like A Man’ and it’s cheeky 70’s style porn themed video, Dragonette couldn’t be more EQ if they tried.  Add in a funky-fresh cover version of Calvin Harris’ hit with a twist called ‘The Boys’ and top it off with our personal favourite ‘Jesus Doesn’t Love Me’, Dragonette can’t really do any wrong in our glamour school book.

Take a little peek at their videos and behind the scenes footage that just makes us giggle.  They so don’t take themselves too seriously…and we love it.

I Get Around
Take It Like A Man

At Home With Dragonette

More Dragonette:

www.dragonette.com – Hey it even has a link to EQ on it!

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