Photo: Adam Fussell

It’s fair to say we were kind of stunned in a good way by Aiden (Grimshaw’s) surprise unveiling of his shift in music direction when it came to light through “Satisfy Me” last week.

A week on, and here comes a second teaser instalment that heads the re-brand via the forthcoming release of the “Aiden EP”.

Entitled “The Cleaner”, Aiden fully embraces a more gnarlier outlook than ever, it’s almost as if he’s undergone a full re-birth rather than just a re-brand. The overall tones and presentation on “The Cleaner” appear to evoke back to the height of the Brit-pop pack days in the throes of the 90’s when the Gallagher’s were brotherly, sorta. In addition, the contorted elicit 90’s presence is off-set by being given a futuristic swipe of cyborg autonomy.

This is certainly a cut of different from Aiden, but you know what I kinda like this whole forlornly developed persona for the better.