7 months on from the release of their debut album ‘36-26-36‘ and Femme En Fourrure still remain something of an electro-enigma. Visit the ‘about’ section on their website and the most you’ll learn about the Helsinki-based duo, is that they make “music made for DJs and catwalks; also for nightly promenades and oceanside sexin’.

Perhaps they’re taking a leaf out of the Dreijer siblings’ book, by letting the music do the talking. Or perhaps their compendious description just so happens to perfectly hit the nail on the slightly masked head…

Femme En Fourrure (“Woman in Fur“) is an apt choice of name for a an act dripping with sex and fashion on every beat. Their sensual deep house debut ‘36-26-36‘ was powered by the sinister and erotic; every track whispering with distorted vocals, dissonant melodies and broken electro beats. If i-pods could sweat, it would have yours swimming.

Their current release, ‘The Beach EP‘ doesn’t stray far off the nocturnal path of its lusty predecessor – all the latent sexual overtones are still there to soak up like cherry vodka (‘Palms Glide Up Thighs‘ and ‘Apple Of My Eye‘.)

However, Femme en Fourrure’s use of tribalistic techno beats, trembling synths and treated vocals a la The Knife/Fever Ray/Planningtorock make for a more dressed-up duo this time around – not always taking the uber-minimalistic approach and instead, adopting a far catchier pop sensibility.

This new direction is best heard on the EP’s title track… It’s infectious synths fire off like neon popcorn, while droning vocals spread icily over a backdrop of echoing drumbeats. The overall effect is as hypnotic as it is hauntingly addictive. And the best thing? It’s got to be the song’s accompanying video…Press play and prepare to get witchy!

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHNAD4aRlvs[/youtube]

You can download The Beach EP by Femme En Fourrure on iTunes: