Danny Rossing 1

Give it up for a pop anthem from Sweden.

Terrified” comes from the well known face in Swedish music circles of Danny Rossing who’s past career in vocals has placed him at the front of a rock band and also as a vocal harmoniser doing star turns in numerous other projects.

After over a decade in the business, backed with a spectrum of experience, Danny’s breaking out with his own solo material and presently debuting a pop rock anthem titled “Terrified”.

Danny’s music learning curves are put to use in “Terrified”, in evidence; the boy band suitable harmony, the pop rock dynamic shift, a rousing middle 8 section and an acoustic breakdown, which all goes before a chanting pop hook full of nah nah nah’s imprinting reinforcement as bone fide anthem status.

If “Terrified” had of been given to an American boy band I’m pretty much sure it would be eaten up with radio plays and MTV screenings.