One of the hottest unsigned bands right now if you ask me is definitely Tecnoctitlan.

I’ve been awaiting the release of their “Feathered Snake EP” for quite some time now and it looks like it’s finally getting an official release date of April 27th with the band playing a special gig at Proud Galleries in London.

Tecnoctitlan have also announced a special remix contest in conjunction with EQ for their first single, which is a cover of the iconic Nine Inch Nails track “Closer”.  And you, dear EQ reader have the chance to remix it.  If you win, your remix will even be used on the single release – amazing!

For contest rules and to download the audio stems, visit Tecnoctitlan’s Soundcloud page and follow the instructions. While you are there, make sure to take a listen to all their other amazing tracks too!

Spread the word too to all your DJ/remix friends.

Good luck and happy remixing!