I beg the question…Why is (M)antigone "More Man Than Man" ???

Let’s evaluate…

  • Wearing a yellow catsuit is one thing, but convincing her giant male co-star of the video to do exactly the same thing is definitely a feat amongst itself.  Bless.
  • Is that Shave in the lycra bodysuit on the keys???  I’d recognize those hands anywhere.
  • Girlfriend looks mighty fine in construction gear and a hardhat as well – I’d whistle.  Hey baby!
  • If Antigone invited me around for tea requesting to wear a poodle dress and a pink top – I would fucking oblige…wouldn’t you?
  • Getting the video produced for under 200 British pounds – only a woman like (M)antigone could pull of such a production…and we love her.

So there you have it.  I understand.  I definitely believe.  Antigone is MORE MAN THAN MAN and seeing her launch her video today really overtakes me with bliss.  Congratulations Tigs! 

Side Notes:  And what is that thingy at the end?  A Hello Kitty easter egg basket?  I must find out immediately.  And my inner geek absolutely loves the Yoctopus logo animation at the end.  Totally brill.