He’s a "disco dancing man machine". He’s Sy from New York electro band Naked Highway and we tied him up to a chair and made him answer a few questions we’ve had since cruising onto their MySpace. Their new single ‘Better Off Naked’ is a hot Nine Inch Nails-esqe electro fest and ‘Pop It Drop It’ is currently tearing up the EQ Chart. So EQ’s…meet sexy Sy and find out what the meaning is behind his infectious dance diddy ‘We Can Fuck’. Hey! Hey! Hey!

Electroqueer: So tell us how Naked Highway got it’s start.

Sy: I played bass and synths in various bands here in NYC just for fun, ’til I decided to get serious and start my own thing. Early Naked Highway demos sound a lot like Atari Teenage Riot…distorted dance beats, lots of screaming and punk guitars. Soon enough, I ditched the guitars and assembled a live electronic band with mixed results. Finally, I took sometime off…wrote all new songs, which ended up becoming the basis of the first Naked Highway album ‘Novocaine Smile’.

EQ: Your latest creation, ‘Pop It Drop It’ is amazing. How did this song come about? [Listen Here]

Sy: Thanks so much! NYC rapper BNS and I wrote the original version of ‘POP IT DROP IT’ after a week of nights partying in NYC with our San Francisco friends and West Coast Naked Highway dancers. BNS came up with an undeniably dance-y beat and the melodies were kind of melancholic. I wanted the lyric to convey a wild night of partying trying to avoid loneliness with a HOT stranger. The phrase….POP IT DROP IT…is something HOT bitches in Queens do…drop that booty to the floor and POP IT back and forth.

It’s a no-brainer that this is going to be the next single…we’re going to shoot the video in July when we return from our mini-tour.

"Yeah, we can go to dinner and movie, then go back to my place and we can fuck!"

EQ: Speaking about mini-tour, you’re about to invade Londontown – When can we expect to see you and where? And what can we expect from a Naked Highway show.

Sy: It’s going to be a little stripped down because much of our lighting and stage effects won’t make it through customs. We’re playing Shampoo on June 9th and then June 12th for Move On Up! @ London Lark which will be a full show. I’ll be joined on stage with sexy synth stud JesusM and a few possible guest players. Afterwards, we’re headed to Spain to play the Sonar Festival where we’ll be joined by our West Coast dancers Josh and Jaime.

EQ: So do all your friends really call you Mr. Disco?

Sy: It’s a name that’s sort of stuck! My friend Collin even bought me leather Converse sneakers with "Mr. Disco" embroidered on the heel!

EQ: We love ‘We Can Fuck’ – it’s a catchy and cute song, despite it’s hardcore title. What are your thoughts on this track?

Sy: ‘We Can Fuck’ is basically me asking someone on a date. It’s like “yeah, we can go to dinner and movie, then go back to my place and we can fuck!” One thing about being a native New Yorker is that I really do talk like this sometimes. I don’t think anything of it but I’m trying to mend my wicked ways…

EQ: Tell us about some of the collaborations your working on in the moment…we hear you’re even working with Information Society.

Sy: I’ve exchanged a couple of e-mails with Paul Robb and I’ve suggested exchanging remixes with them, but nothing I can really confirm just yet. He says he really likes Naked Highway which is so trippy because I LOVE Information Society. I just did a remix of ‘Slut Buffet’ for Shitting Glitter and currently doing one for ‘Stuck in Time’ for the electro rock band Zenen.

EQ: If you could duet with any of the EQ fold artists…which one would you love to make musical harmony with.

Sy: I’d have to say Robyn…I cannot believe she’s done ‘Konichiwa Bitches’ and is the same girl who did ‘Show Me Love’ years back…what a massive improvement!

EQ: How did you come up with name Naked Highway? A David Lynch reference?

Sy: Naked Lunch + Lost Highway = Naked Highway…I did find out that there are two porn movies called Naked Highway…a gay one and a straight one. It’s nothing to do with either one of those though everyone seems to think so!

EQ: Tell us about ‘Better Off Naked’. You also just finished your video for it haven’t you?

Sy: I live above an Irish pub. I was down there on St. Patrick’s Day and the entire bar was bursting into song. One of those songs had a chant that went “Hey hey! Hey hey!” and I thought that was HOT as SLUT! I went back upstairs and ‘Better Off Naked’ was born in a matter of minutes! I love it went an audience all raise their fists up and shout “Hey hey!” during the chorus. The video has gotten picked up by a few American stations mainly MTV/Logo – provided we edit some of the lyrics. Even though there is no profanity, phrases like “I want you in my mouth” and “Stick it in to win” are too hot even for cable TV. Go figure.

EQ: So Sy…what’s your definition of the word ‘Electroqueer’. We ask everyone this strange question!

Sy: Electroqueer is FUN FUN FUN to me! Seriously, what’s more fun than booty-shakin’ to some thumpy beats and getting all hot and sweaty. I can‘t think of anything else I‘d rather be doing!

EQ: Thanks Sy for answering our questions! We feel a little dirty now…excuse us while we go hose ourselves down…