Photo: Rosie Graphie

Wham bam, its glam mam ZE! back and tripping out her neon octane electro goodness in collaboration with Italian production team Vegamoore on “Take You Down”.

The glitter Diva impacts with her trademark self-assured, no messing feistiness and deals the ace card of glam style amongst the thunderous thrills, spills and trills of hardcore electro rocking dynamite supplied by the fearless Vegamoore boys.

Serving as lead on the production duo’s freshly released “Glamsterdam EP”,  “Take You Down” is a soundbite of uncompromising bitch pop with everything thrown in. It wouldn’t surprise if literally everything other than the proverbial kitchen sink, pots and pans et al were put to use in this chrome frenzied juggernaut of production, yet ZE! still manages to prowl all over it with her tigress sassy roar.