Written by Mandy Rogers   *Photo by Simon Fowler /

Ahhh the 80’s! synth-rhythmically it didn’t all belong too OMD, The Human League and Ultravox, well NOT to my mind and my teenage years!

A lot of my passion for synth music came via two artists that appeared about the scene at the same time, them being Howard Jones and Nik Kershaw, at the time both were often confused for one another, due to their wardrobe styling, crazy 80’s hair do’s, powerful synth hooks and being that both’s debut album’s had the word Human in their titles – but each really did have their own points of originality. Jones came with a visual in mime artist Jed and Kershaw, also played guitar and came with full band backing.

Both Jones and Kershaw, have never left the music scene one way or another over the interim years to now, but both are presently enjoying a renaissance of their classic wonder years.

Whilst Nik Kershaw celebrates a digitally re-mastered re-issue of his seminal album “Human Racing” as special 2CD package with added bonus content. Howard is stepping out on the road.

Through 11th to 21st April, Howard will be bringing his music across venues in the UK to score some new fans maybe, but primarily to give his core 80’s fans an extra speciality in Jones performance.

Did you ever go to a concert, and were left deflated as the song you most wanted to hear played out live wasn’t on the set-list?, well this tour will be like an 80’s synth dream come true! For the chosen dates in April, Howard will be showcasing both “Human’s Lib” and “Dream Into Action” in their entirety! What a treat! (see tour dates here)

But if you’re a HoJo fan of old that can’t make the dates or you live outside of the UK, fear not there is another treat on offer by way of a FREE DOWNLOAD of “Like To Get To Know You Well”  (which Howard unofficially dedicated to the spirit of the 1984 Olympic Games) – pick it up here

This is a live recording that took place on November 6th at the indigO2 in London and is taken from a CD that will be given FREE to all VIP ticket holders at the Shepherds Bush Empire Show on April 21st.

Anyway it gives you a taste of Howard’s work and is proof that he’s still got the hold on the vocals as he ever did.

For sure, this is all exciting news for 80’s fans.

As a reminder here’s Howard meeting and greeting the fine folk around London Town on the original 1984 UK version of “Like To Get To Know You Well” (there was also a transatlantic one made in keeping with the theme of embodying the spirit of the 1984 Olympic Games)