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I know what you’re thinking…Yes, that Loretta Lynn. Loretta Lynn. Country music legend.

OK, here’s why we are writing about Loretta Lynn here on EQ Music (don’t worry either, this is probably a one-off).

When you’re at SXSW, you’re SUPPOSED to discover new music. That is really the crux of why everyone is actually there. This year, I told myself that I wanted to do something different, outside the normal confines of pop and electronic music, so when I heard that the legendary Loretta Lynn would be doing a show for BBC Music at Stubbs, I jumped at the chance to attend. To my surprise too, I got a front row seat to the action. My very first country music concert, EVER, and I get front row action – unbelievable.

All I can really say about Loretta Lynn’s show was that it was SO MUCH FUN. Loretta is such a firecracker. Aside from just flawlessly belting out her 70’s country classics like “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and “You’re Looking At Country”, for and elderly lady, she knows how to command a stage. If Loretta didn’t like the position of her resting stool, with a snap of the fingers, her musician minions were adjusting it for her. If Loretta couldn’t remember the words to her new songs from her brand new album “Full Circle”, she didn’t sing them. Loretta was like “these guys don’t want the new stuff, they want the hits”. And you couldn’t help but laugh because well, when you’re a living legend like Loretta Lynn, you can pretty much get away with anything. Loretta even brought out her daughter on-stage, “just to be there” in case she forgot the words to one of the new songs, but Loretta didn’t falter – girlfriend just likes her safety nets. And can you really blame her?

And after about 35 minutes of country hit after country hit, Loretta was done. She was off. See you later. The diva left the stage in true Beyonce style with the crowd chanting for more. Did we get it. No – and that’s fine. Let the woman get some rest and someone get her a cold drink and a plate of BBQ. I was just amazed and felt quite humble after seeing Loretta Lynn turn it out on the same exact stage that Crystal Castles and Charli XCX would grace just a day later.

Thank you BBC Music for truly enriching my SXSW experience this year. One suggestion for next year please. Dolly Parton.