Avec Sans are one band that you should most definitely have on your radar.

They are everything we love about electronic pop and right now they are the IT band for us. We’ve only got to see them play live in London once when they opened for Little Boots in early 2014, so knowing that they were going to play SXSW this year was an incredible bonus for us.

Their new single “Heartbreak Hi” is indeed a top 10 single contender for us this year and we are overjoyed that they have finally released the track and have dropped the official video today for all of us to revel in. The video isn’t overtly complicated, nor does it tell much of a story, but it serves as an appropriate introduction to the London-based duo if you haven’t been exposed their brilliant melodic pop as of yet. Really, we’ll say this again – you need to have Avec Sans on your radar, especially if you’re a faithful reader of this blog.

We did manage to catch up with Jack and Alice of Avec Sans in Austin too, so watch out for that interview coming very soon. For now, peep the “Heartbreak Hi” video and enjoy this live footage we got of the band at SXSW, which includes their stellar cover of “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush.