Trippy Turtle is a DJ that wasn’t on my to-see list at SXSW. In fact, he was an in-betweener DJ at the Mad Decent party providing the crowd with some insane mixing after Ellipant and a surprise appearance by Porter Robinson. Nevertheless, he was one of those talents that really left an impression on me and I instantly became a fan after hearing what this kid could do with records from the 90s.

If you dropped Craig David, The Spice Girls and even Daniel Bedingfield into a mix today, you still might get a “oh really now” glance from a few people. But Trippy Turtle truly knows how to really work these 90s classics and manages to squeeze out that last drop of crazy cool from these dancefloor staples that sends his millennial audience into a frenzy – head-banging like hard rockers. Trippy Turtle doesn’t stop there either – he’ll hit you with things like ‘Poison’ by Bel Biv Devoe and ‘Seniorita’ by Justin Timberlake and suddently you’re mopping up your own glitter brains from floor.

Can you tell I was blown away?

You can listen to some of these incredible mixes right now over on Trippy Turtle’s Soundcloud page. I think you’ll find that his unique child-like spin on 90s records mixed for his love of Ninja Turtles and Super Mario Bros really sets him apart from other DJs.

I for one can’t wait to see him live again.

Dude even has his own theme song…